Sean MacCumhaill

Under 14 Boys Football


Training info:

Training costs €3 once a week and all players must have membership paid.

Check club notes for training info.




  Northern Board U14 Div. 2 Group 2

2017 League Fixtures

Date Home v Away
02/05/17 St. Mary’s, Convoy v N. Padraig, Lifford
02/05/17 MacCumhaills v Red Hugh’s
02/05/17 St. Eunan’s C v Letterkenny Gaels
02/05/17 Glenfin   Bye
09/05/17 N. Padraig, Lifford v St. Eunan’s C
09/05/17 Letterkenny Gaels v Glenfin
09/05/17 Red Hugh’s   St. Mary’s, Convoy
09/05/17 MacCumhaills v Bye
16/05/17 Glenfin v MacCumhaills
16/05/17 St. Eunan’s C   St. Mary’s, Convoy
16/05/17 Red Hugh’s v Letterkenny Gaels
16/05/17 N. Padraig, Lifford v Bye
19/05/17 St. Eunan’s C   Glenfin
19/05/17 St. Mary’s, Convoy v Letterkenny Gaels
19/05/17 N. Padraig, Lifford v MacCumhaills
19/05/17 Red Hugh’s v Bye
26/05/17 MacCumhaills v St. Mary’s, Convoy
26/05/17 Glenfin v N. Padraig, Lifford
26/05/17 Red Hugh’s v St. Eunan’s C
26/05/17 Letterkenny Gaels v Bye
02/06/17 Letterkenny Gaels   MacCumhaills
02/06/17 N. Padraig, Lifford   Red Hugh’s
02/06/17 St. Mary’s, Convoy   Glenfin
02/06/17 St. Eunan’s C   Bye
06/06/17 Glenfin   Red Hugh’s
06/06/17 Letterkenny Gaels   N. Padraig, Lifford
06/06/17 MacCumhaills   St. Eunan’s C
06/06/17 St. Mary’s, Convoy   Bye